With Optivision Attorney Marketing, setting up your campaign is just the beginning.
We track the following metrics so you know EXACTLY what your ROI is:

  • Cost per click
  • Number of clicks
  • Number of leads through contact forms
  • Number of leads through phone calls (via call tracking service)
  • Overall conversion rate
  • Overall cost per lead


PPC Campaign Process

Week 1-2
To get started with setting up your PPC campaign we first have to create an actual ad-words marketing campaign according to your market and target audience.

  • Determine most cost effective target keywords.
  • Use search words that disqualify search
  • Select a target demographic and region
  • Create effective ad headlines

Week 3-4
Sending marketing traffic to your home page is not a good idea, as it does not promote leads. However, our goal is to focus on concentrated landing pages with:

  • Headlines that mirror the ad headline
  • Ad copy that answers key questions ¬†visitors may have
  • Testimonials from other clients who have had success
  • Intriguing calls to action that encourage the visitor to contact your business
  • Analytics and call tracking in order to effectively monitor the campaign

Testing and Optimization
Keeping on top of your campaign after it begins is the most important part of the campaign itself. After monitoring and analyzing the traffic flow from PPC, we will be able to decrease the cost per lead over time using testing and optimization tools.
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