Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Search engines produce 85% of all Internet traffic
Law firms that appear on the first page of search engine sites such as, Google, Bing, and Yahoo are much more likely to be recognize and gain more new clients than their competitors. Most people don’t even bother clicking on to the second page of a search, thus significantly reducing your chances of your site being found.
Everyone wants to be at the very top of the first page of a search, and we can help you achieve that. Optivision law firm SEO services review your practice thoroughly. We will gather all important information necessary to completely understand the demographic you are aiming for and your goals for generating leads. Then we take that information and perform a comprehensive analysis to discover what keywords that your potential clients are searching in search engines when they search for lawyers in your practice area and location. Your site content can then be customized to appeal to these clients making sure that they will discover your website first instead of your competitors.
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Special features
Search Engine Placement
This will insert your website into the directories of every major search engine.
On-Site SEO
Your website will be set up in the proper structure in order for search engines to find it easily, which will increase your site visibility.
Local/ Off-site SEO
Links will be built to your website by reaching out to local directory placement services.
Search Engine Traffic Analysis
We will be consistently monitoring your SEO campaign and analyzing the data to determine which sources are referring the most visitors.
Over time your site traffic will grow as you will begin to receives new referrals and links from other websites.
Social Media Integragtion
Optimization in social media is a necessity to be combined with an SEO package solution.