Social Media Management
Social media management
Having a strong social media presence is key to growing your business quickly. Being on active on multiple social media platforms and interacting frequently with your followers will create a connection that will leave your clients loyal to your brand.

In addition to improving customer loyalty, social media is a great place for your clients to share their positive remarks regarding your company. This simple act is getting your name out there and with every share or like, more and more people are going to be exposed to your business.

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per month
+$500 one time setup fee

  • 3-4 Posts/Week
  • 1 Blog per month
  • E-Book
  • Promo Videos

per month
+$750 one time setup fee

  • 3-4 Posts/Week
  • 2 Blogs/Month
  • 1 E-Book/Month
  • Promo Videos

per month
+$1,000 one time setup fee

  • 5-6 Posts/Week
  • 4 Blogs/Month
  • 2 E-Books/Month
  • 2 Promo Videos